Yep. If I had known the truth then there's no way I would have apologized to you. Fuck you.

And the shark is no longer swimming in the same pond you dumb bitch!

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Yeah that's basically what she does but she still runs her mouth. Oh and by the way blocking friends of mine doesn't stop yours from running there mouth so nice try!

Right?!!...Then they just have to post a bunch of stupid shit, for attention. Here bitch, I will show ya some attention. Bahaha

Does it bother you that me and my friends didn’t have to stoop down to your level last night. Awe poor little baby. News flash my child is way more important to me then someone cheap ass homewrecking wannabe whore.

When you realize you too cute to argue with an ugly bitch..

Haha ugly bitches shouldn’t be pinning this! But then again ugly bitches don’t realize they’re ugly.

Fashion by Zodiac Sign... #Gemini is like leather & lace, soft & edgy, chic & casual, flirty & fierce... two extremes.

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Fashion by Zodiac Sign. is like leather & lace, soft & edgy, chic & casual, flirty & fierce. two extremes.