Primary talks- coordinating with yearly/ weekly theme

Free Primary Talks

{ Mormon Share } If I live worthily, the Holy Ghost will help me choose the right.

Uplifting, Inspiring Two Minute Primary talks for Latter-Day Saint Children.

Primary general presidency discusses 2016 Sharing Time theme, 'I Know the Scriptures Are True'

From the Friend I have decided to index each talk/activity into categories for easy use and to see all the treasure the Friend holds. These...

Indexed stories, activities, etc from the friend. Also AoF ideas-- Latter-Day Chatter: From the Friend

2017 LDS Primary Talks - short talks for each week of the year.

2017 LDS Primary Talks - These would be great to have in the primary closet for backups in case kids don't come prepared.

First Commandment Clip Art | Good Samaritan. Here is a link to some Printables you can use for the ...

Primary 2 Manual Lesson 28 I Can Be Kind Journal Page - Print it here: Good Samaritan Coloring Page from the September 2007 F.

Two Minute LDS Primary Talks, This site is awesome!!! Tons of topics and even for the upcoming lessons for 2013

Jesus & Child, by Greg Olsen. Jesus loves all the little children. Jesus protect all children, especially those most in need of your help.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Assignment Cards & Scripture Prompts

Singing in Primary - LDS singing time ideas and lesson plans for Primary choristers, Primary music leaders, and music in Nursery.

Free LDS Primary Talks--um, yeah, I NEED this link. I'm that mom who forgets about the talk assignment until Saturday night and then I force my husband to write it (during sacrament meeting).

Del Parson, "Perfect Love" We are to come to him like children. Look at their faces. Come without all the preconceptions that you have learned from the world and learn as little children do. my favorite pictures of Christ are when he is with children

Simplifying Opening Exercises for Secretaries and Families- worksheet for preparing talks

Simplifying Opening Exercises for Secretaries and Families

Last week Marci shared a formula that could be helpful for children when they are preparing a Primary talk. It’s a simple formula that’s easy to remember and gives children the …