Cookie Shop Dramatic Play Center from Play to Learn Preschool

BC Curriculum Kindergarten Math Content: financial literacy — attributes of coins and financial role-play. Cookie Shop Dramatic Play Center from Play to Learn Preschool

The dramatic play area is the center of our classroom community. So much fun, hands-on learning takes place there! We love to set it up with simple themes, like a restaurant, and elaborate themes, lik

Dramatic Play Kitchen (Play to Learn Preschool)

Adding these FREE kitchen labels and developmentally appropriate toys to the dramatic play center will create an amazing play space for your young children.

Tips & tricks to set up your dramatic play center in your preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten classroom.

How to Set up the Dramatic Play Center in an Early Childhood Classroom

Taco Dramatic Play                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Taco Dramatic Play (Play to Learn Preschool)

Taco Stand Dramatic Play - Menus, Order Forms, Name Tags and Labels to set up a Mexican Restaurant in the kitchen center

Laguna Preschool Curriculum: Restaurant- Imaginary Play

Restaurant - Imaginary Play Great ideas for extending your dramatic play interest area and supporting symbolic functioning!

Restaurant Dramatic Play - The Kindergarten Connection

Restaurant Dramatic Play

Have fun reading, doing math, and developing social interactions with these FREE restaurant dramatic play printables!