Teach Your Child to Read - Our Class Rules poster that any Kindergarten student, pre-K student, Transitional Kindergarten student can all read! FREEBIE - Give Your Child a Head Start, and.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.

Elementary Classroom Rules Board

Instead of having your basic classrooms rules written down or printed out, blow them up! Adding pictures doesn't hurt as well.

Rainbow Child Care: Leo, Indiana, Preschool Classroom Rules

I like this as a way to remind children of rules because it's their pictures so it's relevant to them and also, so we don't have to verbally go over and over it. a subtle reminder.

Learning and Teaching With Preschoolers: Digital Camera in the Preschool Classroom

My digital camera is a valuable tool in my preschool classroom. I use my digital camera to organize the classroom, for project boards, doc.

Great free parent note to let parents know how students did that day in school!  Free from Simply Kinder!

Why I Took My Behavior Chart Off My Wall

Free parent form for breaking rules in class. Students circle what rule they broke so they can talk about it when they get home. Free from Simply Kinder. Great for Kindergarten!

classroom "we do"

These belief statements can change an entire classroom culture. Rather than introducing or creating ‘class rules’, these basic tenants are ideals my class holds about our classroom, our work together, and the world.