Mural de oración para el aula. Los niños pueden compartir sus temas de oración. El profesor incluirá cada semana un tema de oración de la Iglesia perseguida

Hanging prayer board comes with 10 clothes pin clips for you, your family, or church group to add prayer requests.

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I have seen so many different prayer board ideas over the years, and I have always loved the idea as a constant reminder not only of ho.

Handcrafted wooden Prayer Board is one of my favorite creations! What better way to keep track of all of your prayers than by pinning them and then watching to see how God answers them! This would be perfect in the hub of your home where it is a constant reminder of our many blessings! These also make wonderful gifts! Each board comes with 9 pins and metal wiring on the back so it is ready to hang upon arrival! Approximate Size: 24 X 16 inches If selecting white lettering, please include in…

Wooden Prayer Board- Prayer Changes Things by KettleCreekDesignsTN on Etsy

A friend of mine took this picture! Whats even more amazing about this picture is the answered prayer side!

I think we should encourage our Prayer committee at church to post something like this! I've seen "Prayer Requests" boards but this is a great step-up!

prayer wall (a less messier version of the chalk board wall)

prayer wall - write a prayer, take a prayer. Keep in your Bible, hang on your rear view mirror, place on bathroom mirror, etc. and prayer for that person's prayer need when you see the tag.

6 Prayer Board Ideas

vbs kingdom rocks Prayer board: Wall sticker bought from an Uppercase Living party and a photo collage frame was turned into a marker board by sticking white paper behind the glass.

Prayer board made by my awesome Roomie for our dorm!! Super cute decor for any…

Prayer board made by my awesome Roomie for our dorm! Super cute decor for any college dorm! Christa Kespelher We need to make this for my hall next year!

This is our "Answered Prayers" frame. Each time God responds to one of our prayers we write it on one of these little wooden hearts and slide it into the top of the frame like a coin in a piggy bank. Over time we are able to see, and share with others, all the amazing ways that He works in our lives! #warroom #PrayBig

Each time God answers a prayer, write it on one of these wooden hearts and pop it in the frame.