Abandoned Station - Photobash by sandara.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Abandoned Station - Photobash by sandara Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Landscapes & Scenery Post-Apocalyptic abandoned Author's note: "I guess this is called a photobash nowadays? A paint over on a photo I took at a train station.


Post-apocalyptic future, or abandoned part of a city, sci-fi / cyberpunk inspiration tracks_by_sandara

Art by Japanese artist called Tokyo Illusion (Aka 東京幻想)

The illustrations of TokyoGenso (a. Tokyo Fantasy) depict a post-apocalyptic Tokyo devoid of people and overtaken by nature. // Yoyogi Station {the link says it is an illustration, but it's cool}

Post apocalyptic art school by Igson93 Post apocalyptic art school by Igson93

Actually this is my faculty changed to poastapo, project for school Post apocalyptic art school

What they might see after they leave the silos.

If they could only tell their stories

I love abandoned architecture, there is something so elemental about the reclaimation of buildings by nature sleeping beauty fairytale castle art photography grimm and fairy magical places