Sailor Moon Pokemon Trainer Cards

- Makoto, Rei, Ami and Usagi Pokemon Trainer Cards Makoto done! Fourth in a series inspired by the announcement of Pokemon Sun and Moon. She is based off Hilda from Black/White, a pretty easy choice.

Sailor Moon Pokemon Trainer Cards

Azure and Copper was so excited about Pokemon Sun and Moon that she smashed together two of her favorite franchises to make Sailor Trainer cards. It's got- CLS

Sailor Moon Pokemon Trainer Cards

- More Sailor Trainer Cards - Kakyuu, Seiya, and Chibi-chibi I’ve returned to my Pokemon - Sailor Moon crossovers! Again, to celebrate Pokemon Sun and Moon. But I’m being bad and taking a break from.

Pokemon Trainer Card Templates by Ford206 on deviantART

Well with the pokecharms trainer card maker now and my design being added t it its only a matter of days before the net becomes a flush with cards and so i thought i'd upload them here just to get .

Pokemon Trainer Card Template Blue by khfanT on DeviantArt

This one if for pokemon Trainers instead of gym leaders. The most left box is for a drawing of your trainer and the most right boxes are for your pokémon.