Gen 2 Pokemon Chart - Hope some find this is useful

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A Pokemon type chart that is much easier to read

A Pokemon type chart that is much easier to read

The easiest way to understand Pokemon type effectiveness. I don’t know about you, but Pokemon Type Effectiveness of the past always look like multiplication tables.

#Pokemon Legendary Chart via Reddit user thatguysoto

Here i present the new Legendary chart

Another one for Luke. Pokemon Tattoo Cross Stitch by LordLibidan on deviantART

Title: Pokemon Tattoo Date Completed: August 2013 Design: Lord Libidan Video Game: Pokemon After completing my Portal Tattoo stitch some time ago, it has become synonymous with my work.

8th Eevee Evolution Revealed, “Sylveon”

I chose a pokemon chart for evolution because in the games, the pokemon can evolve. The Evee in this chart evolves to its environment much like how evolution works.

Pokemon types with advantages and disadvantages. #PokemonGo

Hướng dẫn Pokemon GO: Các thuộc tính Pokemon và khu vực xuất hiện

Pokemon of the Sea by Wasil on DeviantArt

Marine Pokemon artwork by Symph Kat. Uhhh so yeah Cradily is not water type it's grass and ground.

This chart is missing a few of his Pokémon though...

captainpiika: “I made this back in December and never posted it! It’s Ash’s Pokémon, ranked by win percentage! I used these statistics that were going around a while back, as well as my own calculations for all of Ash’s XY Pokémon.


Pokemon GO Egg Event Easter Sunday. Double XP, More Candies, and Greater Variety of Pokemon Hatching From and Eggs.