When Pokémons come real... Simply Awesome, I'd like that Pikachu!!!
We have rounded up some realistic Pokemon character drawings that lean towards the creepy side, perfect for Halloween.
Todo lo que necesitamos para montar un cumpleaños basado en el fondo del mar... ¡Ideas geniales!
Pokemon Dishes from the Pokemon Shop/Cafe in Japan. Looks so kawaii and oishii.
I would did if I ever saw any if these in real life!
These are all nope animals. Except the dragon slug thats cool!! Not in my house though

Animals you never knew that existed

So, has interviewing zoologists been as... INTERESTING... for you as it has been for me? Over here it's been a long succession of Jack Hanna wannabes. They think they're being original when they bring strange animalS along. Really, though, they are not. I'm past screaming when they shove bizarre creatures in my face and ask "KNOW WHAT THIS IS????" ("Some kind of lemur?" is right about 80% of the time.) Phun fact: There seem to be an awful lot of animals that smell like farts even if they…

22 Strange Animals - WTF Pictures

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Dee-lish, better than take-out, crab rangoon egg rolls are easy to make and even easier to eat! Choose to bake or fry this recipe. Be prepared to devour these cheesy appetizers! @alicanwrite

Crab Rangoon Egg Rolls

F.U.S.E Corp Special: Magranslash by Dragonith.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt