Sonia Delaunay and Blaise Cendrars’ collaboration on the printed version of Cendrars’ poem, Prose on the Trans-Siberian and of Little Jehanne of France, 1 9 1 3. The text runs vertically and unfolds to more than six feet. Delaunay’s imagery was done with a stencil but shows the effects of hand-manipulated inks. Éditions des Hommes Nouveaux.

Sonia Delaunay's wonderfully illustrated poem, La Prose du Transsibérien et de la petite Jehanne de France, by Swiss-French poet Blaise Cendrars is one of the highlights of century literature and modern art. In this wonderful publication, the observ

Marc Chagall - Birthday Kiss                                                                                                                                                     More

Teflon Tony - an Unromantic Poem

Marc Chagall Birthday, 1915 Oil on cardboard 31 x 39 in. The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Picasso's Blue Nude. This was the very first painting I fell in love with.

Blue Nude, c.1902

Blue Nude, 1902 by Pablo Picasso Blue Nude is one of Pablo Picasso's early masterpieces. It was created in 1902 at a time when Pablo Picasso was still mourning over a friend's tragic death. It is one of Picasso's artworks during his blue period

Le Corbusier purismus arts - Пошук Google

Antiques and the Arts Online - Mori Museum Celebrates Le Corbusier’s

Mother and Child, 1902  Blue Period  Pablo Picasso -

The way of a mother (poem)

Picasso: The blue period Picasso - Mother and child 1902 Picasso's blue period was between 1901 and In this period he pai.

To my Best Friend - a poem                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

To my Best Friend - a poem

Pablo Picasso - The Lovers, 1923 - Chester Dale Collection. National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.

Dissected Flower Drawing. Add shaded corners to up the sophistication to your art. Art Projects for Kids. #abstract

Dissected Flower Drawing

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Reposting @eup2: The Weeping Woman, 1937 by Pablo Picasso · · · · · · · · · · #art #artist #artwork #painting #artistic #artlover #artoftheday #instaart #artistsoninstagram #arte #artsy #artnerd #artgram #artiste #artistsofinstagram #photooftheday #instagood #picoftheday

Guillaume Apollinaire (Russian born French poet playwright short story writer novelist art critic) Primarily a poet who coined the word surrealism and established the cubist movement with his poem Les Peintres Cubistes. He lived with the modern artist community in Montparnasse Paris. His most famous poem was The Breast of Tiresas. He's also known for his writing The Exploits of Don Jaun.

Guillaume Apollinaire: "Alcools" - French poet, playwright, short story writer, novelist, and art critic of Polish descent.

Too cool. collaged 3d heads

collaged heads Renee Renee Jessup summer camp art project for the older kids.