Plywood House / Simon Astridge Wall hung WC, 'White' range, Armitage Shanks

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Plywood House is a dwelling with natural and simple beauty, located in South London, designed by London-based award-winning RIBA architect Simon Astridge.

Plywood ceilings & walls Dark stained ply joinery Exposed timber portal frames House for Mother by Förstberg Ling

Björn Förstberg's house for his mother features pointed roofs and reflective walls

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Coup de coeur pour cette jolie maison australienne

Raw plywood was used to create a maintenance-free interior for this house in Denmark.

Leth & Gori uses clay and plywood for low-maintenance Brick House

Developed by the philanthropic foundation Realdania, Brick House revisits traditional building techniques to create a long-lasting house with a low footprint. Located in Nyborg, Denmark, Brick House’s main objective is to provide a home that i.

Copenhagen House Boat by Laust Nørgaard

Houseboat by Laust Nørgaard floats in Copenhagen harbour

Share this:02020051I’m on a roll with plywood. It’s my wood of choice at the moment. That may be because we finally own a jigsaw and I’m getting comfortable using it. I told Luke the other day that we needed to up the ante with power tools. Next step, table saw… maybe. Anyways, I’ve been brainstorming …

DIY House Numbers out of Plywood for Cheap!

DIY Modern Plywood House Numbers place vertically down side of house where current numbers are, just bigger and more stylish :)

Handle Details on a wardrobe/ cupboard Plywood House / Simon Astridge

Gallery of Plywood House / Simon Astridge - 25

Wide sloping roof shelters plywood-filled house in Kobe by Tomohiro Hata

Tomohiro Hata sets hillside house in Kobe beneath sloping roof

The Plywood House | GBlog

The Plywood House

Idea for treatment of ceilings/roof Plywood House / Simon Astridge © Nicholas Worley

Plywood kitchen in Scarborough South-Africa beach cabin designed y Beatty Vermeiren-architects | Remodelista

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Plywood kitchen in Scarborough South-Africa beach cabin designed y Beatty Vermeiren-architects Remodelista

Plywood House by Simon Astridge

Plywood House by Simon Astridge

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Summer home in Finland with plywood walls by Minna Jones

Today’s summerhouse belongs to interior stylist and designer Minna Jones. It is almost entirely clad in plywood giving it a warm and contemporary feel.