Artist: @catewebb Botanical flash

Flower tattoos are mostly inked amongst women. We have collected a vast ideas of beautiful and subtle flower tattoos.

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Wild Flower Tattoo by Julia Rehme

45 Gorgeous Floral Tattoos for Women

Wild Flower Tattoo by Julia Rehme so I never really liked the plant heather as it shares my name, and I would like to have a cool meaning behind it. But this would look awesome as the plant tattooed

Tattoo artists are using real plants and flowers as stencils to create incredible nature tattoos. Find out more about botanical tattoos here!

Tattoo Lovers Are Going To Want A Botanical Tattoo At First Sight!

tattoo // папоротник адиантум 🌿 adiantum or maidenshair fern

Illustrated tropical plant vector graphic

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Top plants straight up look like a print out from my text book of say a left side torso or something, ya know?