rain rain go away yer making my hair go crazay #selfie

rain rain go away yer making my hair go crazay (r those chopsticks in yer pocket or r u just happy to c me?

A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE LIFE: Pretty Party Ready Pixies! Pixie Hair Accessories with Sparkle

The pixie haircuts are becoming more and more popular style as more women get their hairdo cut into this boyish -but still feminine- look. The truth, pixies.

It is easy to get a pixie, but sometimes growing out a pixie cut can be a little distressing. Here are some different ways which make the pixie cut much inspiring and graceful.

Growing Out a Pixie Cut Gracefully

The pixie haircut is still on trend and is the excellent way to draw the attention in the crowd. More and more women are plunging into the occasion to cut.

Keira shows us how it's done with a pixie cut and a vibrant headband. #hair #accessories #celebrity

Keira Knightley's just-off-the-runway red Chanel flowered headband - BIG SUMMER/FALL 2012 TREND: flower crowns/headbands!