FREE Printable Pirate Map - a fun coloring page for the kids! { }

Printable Treasure Map Kids Activity - a fun summer activity with the kids complete with Printable Pirate Maps and golden rocks.

printable treasure maps for kids - two with details and two with just the parchment-looking background

Unlock you child's imagination with these free printable treasure maps for kids. The first two treasure maps are filled in, and the other maps are blank.

Treasure Map Template for pirate party games or pirate party invitations! Just add to photoshop and go nuts!

From pirate crafts to scavenger hunts, the treasure map template is a great way to encourage creative thinking, problem solving, and good old-fashioned fun.


blank treasure map templates for children with ideas of how to use them in a treasure hunt (rip it up and have a clue (picture) on each piece. Draw a map of your house/yard, etc).

These middle school maps are so much fun!

Grade 8 and 9 students created these detailed Treasure Maps. I saw this lesson on a Canadian arts & crafts TV show, " Art Zooka ".

Pirate Treasure map - make it look old with teabags. Treasure hunt where the kids earn gold doubloons for working together like Jake & the Neverland pirates.

The Feeling’s Mutual: Treasure Hunt

Our Plastic Treasure Map is a great decoration or prop for a pirate party. This plastic treaure map is a great wall or door decoration and also makes a great

How to make a pirate's treasure map - these would be perfect for a pirate-themed party!

Pirate Party Ideas: How to Make a Treasure Map #PlayfulPurple #BICMerryMarking

Twinkl Resources >> Pirate Treasure Map  >> Thousands of printable primary teaching resources for EYFS, KS1, KS2 and beyond! pirate, pirate themed, treasure map, map, boat, island,

Twinkl Resources Pirate Treasure Map Classroom printables for Pre-School, Kindergarten, Elementary School and beyond!

pirate treasure map worksheet

Children imagine a Caribbean island and plot where the treasure is buried on this outline map. Great for your pirates topic.

Treasure Island Map.  Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson is one great adventure novel...but the movies have you fooled.  All is not as Disney showed and the truth is near the end!  Good for older children and curious adults.

Treasure Hunt – The Pirates are trying to steal the Princesses treasure. It’s a race to the loot! Pirates against Princesses, but really everyone wins! X Marks the Spot! A Chest full of loot (bags,) princess and pirate themed

Personalized Printable Pirate Treasure Map by SugarPieStudio, $2.00

Personalized Printable Pirate Treasure Map Birthday Party Favor childrens kids coloring page book activity PDF or JPEG file by SugarPieStudio on Etsy