La piramide nutricional actual y sus beneficios

United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Pyramid - Vegetarian

Porqué tomar a diario productos lácteos y soja

La actual pirámide de la alimentación recomienda el consumo diario de los productos lácteos y la soja, por los múltiples beneficios que aportan a la salud. #alimentatubienestar #infografia

Por qué las recomendaciones nutricionales son erróneas

Piramide Nutricional

The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid is based on the classic Mediterranean lifestyle: a variety of fresh, healthy foods eaten in moderation, with .

Research shows a direct link between the Mediterranean Diet and a lower incidence of heart and other diseases. A key part of the diet is olive oil.

What is raw food

What is raw food? Real raw food is the one you can pick from a tree or a plants, and it already tastes delicious, just like that, without any preparation and you can enjoy in it until you’re full and satiated.

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Good=Real Food doesn't have labels. Bad=Processed Food Products have labels.Eating Right for Good Nutrition= Better Brain Function, Health and Happiness ;