Pioneer Bonnet Tutorial. Easy bonnet made from a fat quarter! Could use for Pioneer Day, July 24th, American Girls, or Little House on the Prairie!

We are learning about pioneers right now with intense interest. The girls have requested sun bonnets. My Cotton Creations: Pioneer Bonnet Tutorial

Geneva Heights Trek: Easy Bonnet Pattern

If you would like an easier bonnet pattern Sister Monson has a pattern that you can get from her.

My Cotton Creations: Pioneer Bonnet Tutorial

Here in Utah on July we celebrate our states birthday with a holiday called Pioneer Day. Utahans are very proud of their pioneer he.

How to make a bonnet for the playing the past badge

Imagine the Early Years and Earn The Junior Playing the Past Badge

How to make a pioneer bonnet pattern

Our stake didn't give us a pattern for making bonnets; we were given directions on how to make a skirt and neck cooler but not a bonnet.