My form of studying for physics is searching physics on pinterest, be proud @Sarah Bryant ! :)

Oh yeah, overflowing with potential energy which won't transform into kinetic energy, at least not today that's Sunday.

Mi amigo Keniji tiene la clase ciencias a las diez y media de la manana los martes y los jueves.

20 Jokes Only A Physics Nerd Will Appreciate

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You matter. Until you multiply yourself times the speed of light squared. Then you energy.

I love this more than words can express! #cats, #nerd humor, #quantum physics

Sky Cats "My main area of expertise is, of course, String Theory." (Gemma Correll cartoon for Emirates Airlines Open Skies In-Flight magazine)

Physics is about reaaaaaally long formulas

physics ['fIzIks] n. (functioning as singular) (Physics / General Physics) the bunch of science concerned with using extremely long and complicated formulas to describe how a ball rolls.

Now You're A Quantum Physicist Thought #Provoking Hashtags: #MaVi #Astro

Quantum Physics For Babies

Funny pictures about Quantum Physics For Babies. Oh, and cool pics about Quantum Physics For Babies. Also, Quantum Physics For Babies photos.

The Thing About Dimensions:

The Thing About Dimensions

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Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle: there is a fundamental limit to how much we can know and how accurately we can know it.

Star Wars and Math - the only thing better is peanut butter and chocolate!

The Force = mass * acceleration. The one thing my professor said we definitely had get out of our physics class if we learned anything at all. F=ma, F=ma, F=ma, F=ma, F=ma.