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Tyler Hoechlin and Ian Bohen Yup. http://@Stephanie Close Close Close Close Medina
Peter Hale - Teen Wolf s03e03 Absolutely adore this quote! Perhaps one of my favorites from Peter
Teen Wolf: Lydia and Peter Hale...
Ian Bohen Shelley Hennig Melissa Ponzio Malia Peter Hale Melissa McCall
Image de teen wolf, peter hale, and banshee
Ladies and Gentlemen, the amazing Ian Bohen. Uncle Peter Hale. Teen Wolf.
Ian Bohen, you just simply HAVE to love him <3
We all hope that a piece of him is concerned.. we all want him to be redeemable
Teen Wolf Season 2 Derek Hale, Peter Hale, Isaac Lahey and Scott McCall
Teen Wolf. Peter Hale and Melissa McCall. I thought it was really interesting that when he saw who it was he backed into the shadows and tried to kind of hide himself. It was almost like he was ashamed of her seeing him?? Don't know....
hahahhahahahahhahahahahhah XD XD XD ---> Loved Peter and Stiles' dynamic in the episodes. So funny.
Peter Hale and Scott McCall. Imagine a threesome with them...hdbdbsjdjdhsmdldbabsjch yaaassss
Writing is like therapy for Davis: | 10 "Teen Wolf" Secrets From Jeff Davis http://www.buzzfeed.com/erinlarosa/10-teen-wolf-secrets-from-jeff-davis