Colorful penguin art project that use simple supplies and teaches a bunch of art techniques. Makes a cute Xmas craft, too!

Penguin Art Project

Pinguin sur fond coloré Penguins & colorful background -- How cute are these? Not too worried that my graders might find this too young for them. It's so darn cold outside that they'll love decorating a penguin. Good 2 part art project for them.

Penguins Art Project.  This is an activity that students with many different learning and motor challenges can do.  Pre-cut some of the pieces for the more affected student.  Read more about this cute craft at:

Penguins Art Project & Unit

I Love Penguins ~ Penguin Art ~

I’m a UK based artist specialising in vibrant portraits of animals and people. I work in a very instinctual way, not liking to plan too much what happens.

Penguin Dandelion Nursery Art Original Drawing by DandelionTickles

Penguin Dandelion Nursery Art Original Drawing by artist DandelionTickles. This is so adorable.

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Colorful Animal Portraits - World Wildlife Federation commissions animal paintings with explosive color.