I have known my man's ever sense my dad became an officer! Delta Alpha Kelo Oscar Tango Alpha Delta Romeo Alpha Pappa Echo Romeo!

Secret agent code…

NATO Standard Phonetic Alphabet, The phonetic alphabet was developed as a way to spell things out over radio communications that may be less then ideal, I. a lot of static or weak signal.

Pay Phone 10 cents. Talk as long as you want! I used these all the time for calling the girlfriend in high school. No privacy at home.

Rotary Dial~ Phone numbers used to be according to letter, e., Lincoln 54321 So the phone number was 545 321 and that's why we originally had letters on our rotary phones.

- from Payphone by Maroon 5

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Omg he didn't know what a dime was?<<well, you see, in the UK they do not have American currency. And a dime is American currency

PAYPHONE01.bmp 351×891 pixels

PAYPHONE01.bmp 351×891 pixels

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You know you have truly healed when you can listen to a song like this and feel nothing but happiness as you're driving around and singing I'M AT A PAYPHONE TRYING TO CALL HOME

vote for letter b in the payphone contest!!

vote for letter b in the payphone contest!