"Splash Happy" - Paul Cadden {figurative realism art female head wet woman face #hyperreal b+w pencil drawing}

Pencil Drawings by Paul

landscapes of Paul Cadden Artist

Pencil Drawing - Shades of grey: This drawing, entitled Seascape, is a fictional drawing of an imagined beach. It takes the artist an average of three to six weeks to create each piece and they usually come in or sizeP

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Hyperrealistic Art by Paul Cadden It's hard to believe that these pencil drawings by Paul Cadden are not actual photographs!

This is not a picture.    "...amazingly highly detailed pencil drawings, the work of Scottish artist Paul Cadden."

UnHBelievable: Hyper-real pencil drawings look just like photos

They say the camera never lies - but these images prove you can't believe everything you see as they are not photos at all. Instead they are amazingly highly detailed pencil drawings, the work of Scottish artist Paul Cadden.

This is NOT a photograph.  It is "hyperrealist" art by Scottish artist Paul Cadden.  It is drawn by pencil!

No, it's not a photograph! The astonishing pictures drawn by PENCIL

Paul Cadden working on a drawing. The hyperrealist artist Paul Cadden creates hand drawn images that look like black and white photographs.

Pencil drawings by Franco Clun. Seriously, PENCIL.

The most life-like drawings you will ever see: Incredibly detailed pictures of Hollywood stars drawn by HAND

- love the wrinkles. - this is an amazing drawing/love the detail (Drawing the Living Witness by Kemal Sabilla Rusdiantama)