Patrick stewart

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Oh Patrick Stewart.. I have a special place in my heart for Jean-Luc Picard. Pretty sure I'm naming my future child Jean-Luc.
15 reasons we love Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen
Sir Patrick Stewart --- but he'll always be jean-luc picard to me
Wil Wheaton and Patrick Stewart - Hilarious.
A young Patrick Stewart.
Patrick Stewart by Andy Gotts
omg, that stocking. of course that's *exactly* what patrick stewart would have for an xmas stocking.
Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart- Actors and activists with a brotherly romance for the ages
Patrick Stewart photographed by Sebastian Kim for GQ.
Patrick Stewart Star Trek Signed 11X14 Photo #W79839 - Psa/Dna Certifi @ #NiftyWarehouse #StarTrek #Trekkie #Geek #Nerd #Products
Patrick Stewart---beautiful inside and out. I think that makes him far more beautiful than any others on this board.