Pat Benatar, Always loved her!

time I heard Pat Benatar's Heartbreaker was on the radio in the car in I was Loved her in the and finally saw her perform almost 30 years later at River Rock Casino. Her voice still kicks ass!

Pat Benetar..Love is a battlefield                                                                                                                                                     More

Pat Benatar - this chick ROCKS! T-minus 27 days till I see her in concert!

Pat Benatar

An example of a mini-skirt worn with leggings and a leather jacket- typical "punk-rock" look

Pat Benatar

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Pat Benatar

just a Pet Benatar sitting in a corner, in a rockin' outfit, looking awesome

Pat Benatar - I ADORE this picture! I have the record, too. :D

I chose this photo of Pat Benatar to explain the quote "Come what come may,