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I also like similar variations of this idea inspired by other parts of the body, e. an anatomically correct heart

Pastel colors and black

But when people don't wear any black and just wear pastel colors and they're like "look at me I'm pastel Like, no, that's pastel, not pastel goth. Pastel goth is already barely gothic as it is lol

Chaos quote from Heathers - art print

Chaos art print

This is a PRINT of my original drawing with the quote from the 1988 movie Heathers, "Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling". The artwork is printed on acid free white photo paper, sealed in an archival bag & backed with a sturdy board so t

Pastel Goth

drawkill: “ Pokemon print I’m gonna get printed on some sketchbooks for the con, and just as prints on their own! *INKS _________________________ Support me on Patreon!

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Rugrats' Cynthia "Cynthia is a really cool dancer.Cynthia, boogie to the groove now" (singing)