Looking Back by =Oer-Wout

Looking Back by =Oer-Wout

and god said "let there be light, and behold, it is good." Come, sit be still and see.

Is there anything better than just sitting on a bench and watching the leaves fall? #FallCatalogs

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I can think of few things better than sitting on a bench and watching the leaves fall 🍁

Park benches in Central Park, New York   (I always can spot when CP or NYC is depicted in movies/TV shows when they aren't in the REAL NYC - like Toronto or other locations. If no tall buildings ring the park, it's a fake. And that's just for starters. A true New Yorker just knows what a knock-off or wanna-be looks like.

Central Park, New York City--My favorite place in the world. I love these benches with the circle arms.

Her photos are amazing.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/sharynmorrow/5075133891/in/faves-geekdarling/

A restful place for fall peace - a quiet path with a comfortable looking wood slat bench in the red and yellow autumn foliage. Original pin info: by massdistraction

Vinyl Park Bench, 59"

Vinyl Park Bench, 59

Park Pier Bench Paint it yellow or green? More affordable than wood or metal.