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Louvre Museum Established: August 1790 Location: Paris, France Comprises of works during the Third Republic Persists of over objects 2 Works: "Venus de Milo" 100 B. by Anne Chauvet

Alex- Je choisi cet photo parce que dans le livre le trois mousquetaires il y a un bal. Le bal est dans le louvre.


Louvre Museum, Paris, France

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Louvre pyramid, Paris I - The Louvre is the French national museum. It is the most visited museum in the world, averaging visitors a day, and is classified as a historical monument.

Into Paris - Louvre Apartment (Франция Париж) -

Into Paris - Louvre Apartment (Франция Париж) -

The Louvre, Paris, France. I took a nap there. Oops

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