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This installation, SCAD, was created for the launch of the inaugural issue of Mesh Magazine - an independent publication that showcases the work with

Parametric design.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Parametric design -- metaphorical for xaxis' service model.

Parametric Wall

models: Other decorative objects - Parametric Wall

Design, wavy structure.

Achim Menges & Steffen Reichert HygroScope – Meteorosensitive Morphology, 2012 The HygroScope series are “breathing structures”, models out of wood that are purposefully designed to interact with moisture found in the air

"just like louvers do"

Louvers - attractors, line rotation - Grasshopper

The whole idea behind parametric design is that you can reshape the same basic form by applying different surface modifiers, each based upon a different primitive shape. By manipulating the variables, digitally, it is possible to arrive at thousands of possibilities.

“ Voronoi Morphologies / Matsys Voronoi Morphologies is the latest development in an ongoing area of research into cellular aggregate structures. The voronoi algorithm is used in a wide range of fields including satellite navigation, animal habitat.

Title: Hallway Why: Geometic design Date: 12/18/13

"Stacked Mockup" by architects David Freeland and Brennan Buck. First conceived as a dynamically torqued pavilion for the Lightbox Gallery in Surrey, UK