Yes, I went to medic school to become an ambulance driver.... Not.

Hate it when people refer to emts as strictly ambulance drivers. Do some research then lemme know if that's all we do.


Administration of Injectable Medications (Pharmacology and Administration of Medications) (Nursing) Part 1

How to Splint Bone Fractures with a SAM Splint

How to Use a Sam Splint to Treat Bone Fractures

Heart Rhythms Made Easy

Heart Rhythms Made Easy

girlinwhitecoat: One morning with arrhythmias and my heart starts missing a beat. Non-native speaker comment : Arrhythmia is a word with awful spelling.

The Effects of High Blood Pressure on the Body 0120

The Effects of Hypertension on the Body

High blood pressure is known as the “silent killer” because most people can’t feel the negative effects. Yet, as you’ll see in the below info-graphic, high pressure affects your entire body in a very negative way.