Huli tribe, The Highlands, Papua New Guinea. Huli tribesmen are famous for the wigs they make from human hair, and this warrior has decorated his with a Bird of Paradise displaying its beautiful turquoise wings.

The Huli or Haroli are an indigenous people who live in the Southern Highlands districts of Tari, Koroba, Margaraima and Komo, of Papua New Guinea. They have lived in their current area for about 1000 years.

8 Incredibly Beautiful Places in Papua New Guinea|Pinterest: @theculturetrip Gudmundur Fridriksson, Gummi Fridriksson, Paga Hill Estate, Paga Hill Development Company, PHDC, PNG

8 Incredibly Beautiful Places in Papua New Guinea

Get the cameras ready as you venture into the untouched land of Papua New Guinea and her most stunning landscapes.

Amazing. Malcolm Kirk's beautiful photos from his observations in Papua New Guinea between 1967-1981.

Papua New Guinea - Mendi girl, Tente village, Southern Highlands. Image from the publication Man As Art: New Guinea.

Tavurvur Volcano, Papua New Guinea

Tavurvur Volcano, Papua New Guinea. Tavurvur is an active stratovolcano that lies near Rabaul, on the island of New Britain, in Papua New Guinea. It is a sub-vent of the Rabaul caldera and lies on the eastern rim of the larger feature. Photo by tarotastic

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Breathtaking Photo of Crystal Clear Water in Papa New Guinea

Kimbe Bay Coral Reefs: A garden of delicate coral is sheltered from storms in the lee of a nearby peninsula. Kimbe’s reefs help sustain local fishermen, some of whom still rely on traditional outrigger canoes. Photograph by David Doubilet

Malcolm Kirk: Man As Art, New Guinea.

Sponsored by National Geographic, Malcolm Kirk documented the extraordinary tribal decorations of different tribes of Papua New Guinea in and published in 1981 in 'Man As Art: New Guinea.

Hanuabada Village in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea

Hanuabada (Great Village) is a Motu village and they, along with the Koitabu tribe, are the original native people of the Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea area.