Les traigo nuevo papercraft aqui les dejo a una chica muy pedida Hatsune Miku espero les guste Hi everyone here's a new papercraft now it's Miku's time here's for all her fans hope you like it

papercraft miku for when you are bored , or want to try something new, ^-^ hope you like it

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Some cute Vampire Cats paper toys created by Japanese designer WXY and originally posted at Pepakura Gallery website.

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Despues de un buen tiempo sin poder terminar un modelo nuevo para la colección de Chibi Girls por fin puedo agregar a una nueva chica a la galeria se trata de Mako que en mi opinion se robo el show...

Misaki Mei papercraft, Another, Anime papercraft *-*

Airi Paper Doll In Anime Style - by S.V. - via Pepakura Gallery

Airi Paper Doll In Anime Style - by S. - via Pepakura Gallery

Mauther Papermau uploaded this image to 'anime manga'.  See the album on Photobucket.

Mauther Papermau uploaded this image to 'anime manga'. See the album on Photobucket.

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Sorry for the overall inactivity and slowness with responding to things! ~Speckles-The-Pony requested that I post my old Poptart Cubecat papercraft, so I finally dug it out for you a.

Hola a todos les traigo una nueva chica que es el ultimo papercraft de este año 2015, aqui les dejo a Konan una chica bastante fuerte y tambien linda espero les guste, y tambien les deseo un F...

DeviantArt: More Like Chibi Megurine Luka Papercraft by hoshiterasu

Yuno Gasai by DallasPierce on deviantART

Her diary is the Yukiteru Diary, which tells her everything about Yuki in intervals of 10 minutes. While this means that her diary is basically useless by itself, if combined with Yuki's Random Dia.

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654 calendar template paper toy Papercraft Calendar May 2012

Free DIY Papercraft Anime Printables. Totoro, Domo Kun, P-Chan, Alphonse Elric, and about 20 others. :D

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