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Isn't it fresh to just chill on a bench at night and enjoy the beauty of night air and lights? Night Lights, Queens Walk, London - photo via scott Walked here with my step- daughter at night also.

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enchanting-landscapes: “ Lavender field at night by Jean-Joaquim Crassous ”

"The Night of Candles" in Pedraza, Segovia, Spain. One night per year there is not unlit a single corner of the town

Pedraza is one of those medieval small villages you can get from Madrid for a daytrip. Its "The Night of Candles" takes place one night per year in July, when there is not unlit a single corner of the town.

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Realistic expectations can free us from the bondage of worry, indecision, and confusion. It's reasonable to have realistic expectations because if something doesn't turn out the way we would have liked we are able to make the best of the situ.

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Grandma told me that pink clouds meant the angels were baking cookies. Chocolate chip please!


Death by Complications from Alzheimer's, What does this mean?