I usually don't talk about anything because I dont want to annoy people. But I get frustrated if they aren't there for me when I need them. Like just because I dont talk about my issues doesn't mean I dont have any. Which most of them seem to think

When you need to talk about something but you already talk about it too much, SpongeBob meme

Rejection Letters: 25 Publishers Who Got It Very Wrong...

Rejection Letters: 25 Publishers Who Got It Very Wrong...

Watership Down by Richard Adams One of my top ten all time favorites. Have read it multiple times.

excuse you this is skrillex. wtf was this in the dillon francis tag? i mean i know he was on the tour but cmon really?

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(O)E "Watership Down" by Richard Adams. The power of vision. The strongest is not always the leader. It is marvelous to see the world from a rabbit's point of view. Read it!

Watership Down

A terrific book - Richard Adams' "Watership Down". Only book I've read where rabbits are portrayed realistically as villains and creepy death-gods. The movie's pretty good, too.

One of the reasons I so love my high school English teacher is because she placed this book on our reading list.  I became entranced.  I would never have entered this world had she not opened the door to me.  Thanks, Mrs. Rahn.

Watership Down.and if you love this, also try Tales from Watership Down.both are soooo good!

Imagen de dreamer elephant -- this is really important. We never win. We never really get there. I don't mean to sound nihilistic or defeatist, but it's true. If you struggle or suffer with anything from mental illness to racial oppression, it doesn't matter where we go in life or what we do, there will always be more work to be done. It doesn't even matter if we accomplish our greatest goals, we will still not experience the happily ever after we were all promised as kids. To live is to…

lizemeddings: “ this was based on a Bigwig quote from watership down, I read it burst into tears, it was so true.

Watership Down by Richard Adams

Embrace the dark side of the literary animal kingdom with these 20 villainous animals.