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origami chair furniture Love this concept! Very funny and imaginative. A chair fit for an angel, or some other equally weightless celestial figure.

Make an Origami Chair via wikiHow.com

Make an Origami Chair

How to Make an Origami Chair. Do you want to learn how to make an Origami Chair? Read on to learn how. Start with a six inch square piece of paper. Lay it with the colored side facing down.

Sillas Vertex de Vondom - www.muebles.com ®

The great Karim Rashid has designed an instant classic in the world of modern furniture, the Vondom Chair for Vertex. The Vondom Chair (and table) are smo

Frank Lloyd Wright - Chairs

Frank Lloyd Wright's 1949 Taliesin West "Origami” Chair, one of the most coveted of his furniture designs, was designed as if it was folded from a sheet of plywood.

DIAGO: the origami-inspired chair

DIAGO: the origami-inspired chair

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