Magnificent Macro Photos of Insect Eyes by Shikhei Goh

Macro Photos of Insect Eyes Photographer Shikhei Goh is a 'macro addict', he photographs everything of the local flora and fauna. Large zooms of insects are his specialty.

Macro Bug Photos by Matthias Lenke

I found these jaw dropping photos today by Matthias Lenke and they really blew my mind, they are just so amazing! Images via Matthias Lenk.


The spiny Flower Mantis, or Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii, is a beautiful and colorful flower mantis. They are white with orange and green stripes, and as adults they have a beautiful patch of color on their wings that looks like an eye.

Microscopic shot of a hummingbird's tongue #birds #reddit

Microscopic shot of a hummingbird's tongue

Microscopic shot of a hummingbird's tongue. They lick the nectar with fringed, forked tongue. Capillary action along the fringe of their tongue helps draw nectar up into their throats so they can swallow.

Insectos en Primer plano

Insectos en primer plano

Bulging eyes: This stunning bright blue bug has giant eyes protruding from the side of its head

Does my bug look big in this? Incredible super close-up pictures of world's most colourful critters

A Bug's Eye View - Image: Cyan (© Ireneusz Irass Waledzik / Caters News)

Trypocopris vernalis @ 2x - ventral view | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

DOR BEETLE Appearing to Surrender :) Macro Ventral View Trypocopris vernalis ©nikolarahme Geotrupidae (from Greek geos, earth, and trypetes, borer) is a family of beetles in the order Coleoptera.

hug of death by shikhei goh on 500px

is that a stinger coming from the top insect to the back of the head of the smaller insect. it appears that they can see behind there bodies so the insect on the bottom is actually watching the other insect suck its brains out!

Even common things can be amazing if you really look, like kids do.

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Macro nature photography and ladybug wall art. This fine art photo print is available in multiple sizes. Photo title: I Heart Ladybugs! Photographer: Erica Lea Finding ladybugs in the garden is always

Ladybug Wall Art Macro Nature Photography Fine Art Photo

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Blue Damselfly (Argia vivida) Damselflies are predatory, preying on small insects such as flies and mosquitoes. Some larger species have even been observed to eat spiders, plucking them directly from.

Os 25 Melhores Closes Em Olhos De Abelhas Que Você Vai Ver

Os 25 Melhores Closes Em Olhos De Abelhas Que Você Vai Ver

deer fly - tried to bite me while running.note the lovely dark integument or skin on this one nicely contrasting its lovely purple eyes.