"Hey MA!!! What's for dinner??"  "A big plate of butter Jimmy."  "MMmmm. Butter my favorite! Gee ma you're swell!"

Old ad: "Your Nutrition Tip: Butter is slippery. That's why we eat as much as possible to lubricate our arteries and veins." So far it has worked for me. - This type of ad is shocking to me.

"Vaseline: So pure you can eat it." The inventor - Robert Chesebrough - did indeed eat a spoonful of it every day! He lived to the age of Ad: May 1936 Country Gentleman.

Mountain Dew – Carbonated Soft Drink

Mountain Dew – Carbonated Soft Drink

old ads are the best!

Get Mother What she REALLY want this Christmas! A Colt . Funny and Disturbing Vintage Advertising. Only in America !

You can learn a lot by looking back at old advertising. It’s interesting to see what used to work, what still works today, and what would never work anymore due to cultural changes. Chemcraft Atomic Atomic energy has never been … safer?   Phil A. O’Fish – 1976 McDonald’s Phil A. O’Fish is such a …

hershey's advertisement I have a Recipe Book with same boy and girl with out Cocoa box or Baking chocolate on it and it is dated Karen

Advertising campaigns promoted asbestos as an indestructible ‘magic mineral’. We now know that it is a potent carcinogen

Shocking posters in the 1950s show sexist and racist campaigns

18 Controversial Vintage Adverts That Would Be Banned Today. - http://www.lifebuzz.com/old-ads/

Vintage Condom Ad "I take one everywhere I take my penis!" No motor oil or sandpaper while using condoms.

Old comic book ads

I did not know what section to put this under so I will just call it art. Who doesn't love the old comic ads?