Ocultar el calentador de agua

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Water heater cover
mueble tapar calentador agua
How to hide your ugly water heater--An Easy DIY--Woodshop Diaries http://www.woodshopdiaries.com/2016/07/20/hide-ugly-water-heater/

How to Hide Your Ugly Water Heater

pool pump air conditioner fence cover | 2012 Darwin Fencing and Fabrication
Colector solar casero para calentar agua - Mi Energía Gratis
Have an exposed hot water heater? Make a wood and fabric screen to hide it!
Water heater hidden by usable storage space a giant peg board! This is in my laundry room courtesy of my father in law! I love!
I live in a cottage on the lake. It's about 960 sq ft. Always looking to hide or store something in plain sight!  Had a hot water tank I needed to hide! Get 3 old wood bi-fold doors, (free along side the road) paint to match wall, hinge all together, plus hinge to the wall. Will need it to swing open like door. (storage on back side to come in another pin) Add some towel hangers on front. Be inventive! This tank was in the corner of my kitchen! Can you say, 'ugly'? Now, pretty cool! Ha!
This looks like a nice little shed to put up against a house or garage just to keep garden tools and such. I was also thinking it might look good to build around my rain catchment system. It's more about function than beauty, but when you can make it look nice too, why not.

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