Out of kids' meal ideas? Entertain them with these 7+ tasty and creative hot dog recipes that look nothing like your traditional, bun-clad classic!

7+ Fun Hot Dog Recipes Just for Kids

think I will try this on the weekend :-) Crafty Moods - Free craft and lifestyle projects resource for all ages: Fun Foods for Kids: Octo-Dog!

Made these for lunch today, the kids were totally into it!

Another pinner said: Made these for lunch today, the kids were totally into it! I SAY: I'm 24 an totally into this! New way of eating my Mac and cheese with hotdogs!

OMG what are these adorable creatures?! Weenie Octopuses are the new pigs in a blanket.

Mini Pancake And Sausage Octopus Creatures

Your kids will love these adorable creatures! Here's an easy step by step guide to making mini pancake and sausage octopus creatures.

"Octopus and Seaweed" (hot dog on top of ramen noodles)

Octopus and Seaweed

Would you eat an octopus hotdog on green ramen noodle seaweed? (And would you eat it on your octopus table?

Kids Food Art - Octopus Hotdog - make sure it's Kosher like Hebrew National.

Kids Food Art - Octopus Hotdog - I'd use a Naturals hot dog

My father did this for us when we were little and I do it for my own little ones now. Love it!

I don't like hotdogs but this is just cute - DIY Hot Dog Octopus and Crab

Called an "octodog" in the blog post, my family likes to call it a "hotdogtopuss," aka. "a fun way to serve a hot dog."

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Octopus Hot Dogs Our eight-legged friend here is easy to make and the kids really get a kick out of them! Use a bit of ketchup or mustard to...

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Behold - the rare & mystical hotdogtopus. Fact: you will never see kids devour food more joyfully than when it is made into face or animal form. I dare you to experiment.

The Craftinomicon: Shark Week, It's Here! Have a hot dog octopus - or hotdogtopus!

so cute! I placed them on top of noodles (dyed blue for the ocean) and had mandarin oranges as little fishies!

15 Creative Meal Ideas For Toddlers

Make kids' lunch fun with a hot dog "octopus." It would be fun to combine with reading a book about the ocean-- the kids could help make the book come to life! And if they helped make lunch, it wouldn't be such a challenge to get them to eat!