ocean shore....

Canvas holiday sunset on sea beach photo background backdrops for photo studio photography background

The Shiny Squirrel

"My dad used to to tell me, when an artist dies, God let's them paint the sky however they want." I love this and am borrowing it.


Cherish the sun, moon and the stars for lighting our way during our darkest hours. These heavenly guides reflect our greater truths and illuminate our minds, reminding us there is more to this life than our fears. ~Carolyn M Greenleaf

an ocean-sunset-inspired color palette // turquoise, gray, pale pink

Hello all, Sorry I missed last Friday's post! Life has been hectic around here. Early summer was so quiet that I began brainstorming new endeavors.

Colorful Sunset over the Ocean photography colorful sky sunset ocean sea rainbow colors

The colors of this sunset amaze me more every time I look at it. Sunsets are one of my favorite things to observe and the beach is my favorite place to visit. The combo is perfect!