Norman rockwell

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Museógrafo | Norman Rockwell: Retratos norteamericanos
norman rockwell | Norman Rockwell, artista.
airstream norman rockwell edition | Norman_Rockwell
Looking at Art with Kids: Norman Rockwell Art is a wonderful platform to teach children a variety of subjects.
'Marriage License' (close-up) - by Norman Rockwell, 1955 (oil on canvas)
Rosie The Riveter, 1943 - by Norman Rockwell
Norman Rockwell Coffee Print Dictionary in the 30s. This is a piece of art made from a newspaper. The cartoon is also an advertisement for the Rockwell Coffee Print. This shows an intro to an article of why someone believed coffee was the key to a happy marriage.
This painting is one of a series called "The Four Freedoms", done by Norman Rockwell in 1943. This painting - "Freedom from Want" - has become an iconic image.
I've never seen this Rockwell painting before. I love it. Makes me think of my Mom as a girl :) -- Girl Running with Wet Canvas (1930) by Norman Rockwell
Norman Rockwell (1874-1978) era un genio. Tanto es así que aún hoy se siguen editando posters con sus obras y tod@s hemos visto, aún sin saber de quién es, algún trabajo del bueno de Rockwell que, además, tenía un gran sentido del humor.
Norman Rockwell - I love his artwork!                                                                                                                                                      More
Norman Rockwell -- I remember looking at this in my grandma's house.  :)                                                                                                                                                                                 More  Norman Rockwell - The Gossips, 1948.