Marilyn Monroe/Norma Jean Baker, photographed by George Barris, 1962

Marilyn Monroe, photographed by George Barris, 1962

Norma Jeane

Iconic image of the Hollywood actress and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe …. This is before her nose job.

Large Marilyn Monroe Photo Age 18 Norma Jeane Andre DeDienes De Dienes STAMPED | eBay

Large Marilyn Monroe Photo Age 18 Norma Jeane Andre DeDienes De Dienes STAMPED

Brunette Norma Jean Baker before she was Marilyn Monroe - much sexier in my book!....her natural hair color btw

Marilyn Monroe- with her natural brunette. i think she looks even better this way. Actually Marilyn Monroe's natural hair color was a light brown color, not this dark color. Although she does still look amazing!

Marilyn when she was still Norma Jeane Baker :) She's so gorgeous!! Surprisingly, this is her natural hair color.

Brunette Marilyn, Age 15 A Norma Jeane poses in She is one year away from her first marriage and five years away from breaking into movies and changing her name to Marilyn Monroe.

The candid snaps show a relaxed Monroe holding a cocktail glass

Marilyn Monroe’s poignant final photoshoot to go on sale

From a shy model in a cardigan known as Norma Jean Baker to a global star on Santa Monica Beach just three weeks before her death, more than 100 photos show her journey.

Norma Jeane Dougherty (first husband's last name) at the age of 16 or 17 in 1943

Description: This photo was taken in 1944 in Catalina Island. Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jeane at this time) lived there with her first husband James Dougherty. by luella

Naturelle - Sublime Marilyn

Naturelle - Sublime Marilyn

Norma Jean/Marilyn & her dog. Awww - my breed  - Boxer...

vintage everyday: Rare Photos of Marilyn Monroe as Girl-Next-Door Norma Jeane

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe