Nice logo and branding infographic! Logos and statistics for many of the world's biggest brands. Paired with their close competitors for comparison. #branding #logos

La guerra de los logos #infografia #infographic #design #marketing

Logo Oficial  AURA con el nombre del Album de la Banda

Logo Oficial AURA con el nombre del Album de la Banda

Possibly the greatest design ever just based on simpleness and recognition

Apple logo HISTORY/morph/timeline (via AI 1976 Newton by Ronald Wayne > apple rainbow by Rob Janoff > 1984 adjusted by Landor Assoc. > 1998 flattened to monochrome black > 2001 glass aqua blue > 2007 sheen silver chrome

A DIY with no power tools needed? We say 'Yay!' to this marquee!

Make Your 'Marquee' with this DIY -

Buy christmas lights on clearance after the holiday! A DIY with no power tools needed? We say 'Yay!' to this marquee!

Business Identity Brand Set: Pre Made Wild Flower Feminine Watercolor Painted Logo (Item #139BK)

Pre Made Brand Set - Flower Logo - Modern Logo - Handwritten logo - Watercolor Flower Logo - Feminine Watercolor Painted Logo (Item

I'm assigning this concept to myself as homework...maybe since I assigned it, I'll actually do it.

Words as images

I love a smart logo, but I also like simple logos. I think that these are examples of good logos that just used simple type treatments to achieve a great result. All simple and eye catching

Evolution of Mercedes logo

Evolution of the Mercedes Benz logo. Second logo sadly looks like a lapel pin.

Une très belle identité créée par le studio Mamzelle & Co pour la marque Sainte Marie Design Textile, l’entreprise de la Designer Monique Ste Marie. Avec son identité minimaliste & contemporaine, le studio a voulu mettre l’accent sur le « a« , d’une part pour signifier la lettre du mot artisanal mais aussi pour donner une dynamique …

Sainte Marie

text-only logo :: Sainte marie corporate identity branding graphic textile design business card website label

Photography Logos  gold logo  Premade Logo  by autumnscreek

Photography Logos - gold logo - Premade Logo - watercolor Logo for photographer - Heart Logo - Mint Peach Watermark Design - photographers

cool Graphic Design Agency Sydney | Made Agency Sydney | Branding Design Agency Sydney by

Graphic Design Agency Sydney

Grace & Blaze is one of Sydney’s newest fashion labels. Made Agency created an elegant and unique brand identity that reflects the femininity and glamour of the brand.