I was that friend, but I was easily replaced as usual.  Hope you're having a great time without me Queen.  "Thanks for the memories even tho they weren't so great"

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That person has started to leave me, and I feel like I am totally alone. They were my only friend.

I hate when you actually feel like you need to talk to someone for the first time ever, and there is no one to talk to

This, so I hate me. I can't even express in words how much I hate me and how bad I want to die.There is NO reason for me to be breathing

They said " I felt that exact same way when I was your age.." Was it true? I doubt it, but I'll pretend to trust and believe them anyway.

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if you choose to alienate your friends you will have no friends - Google Search

A collection of absent father quotes, that will teach a how to be a better parent. Read and share this quotes with fathers who may have been neglecting their child before he is too late.

Depressed quotes Left out of life. Left out of any kind of normal relationship,

I just have no way to make friends, I'm surrounded by people near constantly, but I have no friends

This is perfection. perfection perfection perfection. i'd like to dedicate this to all those people who wouldn't know how to survive without their "leader". get some self confidence please.

It’s better to be yourself and have no friends than to be like your friends and have no self. guess thats why i have no friends