Nightmare Moon. If you kinda think of it if the moon up top below where it says " EVERY TIME I SEE THIS..."  it looks like if you flip it upside down it kinda of looks like Nightmare Moon just with out the horn and less curators.

This happens to me almost every night, I am a huge fan of Nightmare Moon, Princess Luna and Rainbow Dash. I kind of loved Luna first but I had some issues with it. But I'm happy to be Luna I could cry!

Take off your helmet, Nightmare Moon. by on @deviantART

Alternate title: "Nice-Hair Moon" (Say Nightmare Moon and then say Nice-Hair Moon really quickly). This image may still see some slight alteration. Take off your helmet, Nightmare Moon.

Nightmare Moooooooon

So, just throwing it out there. No i'm not going to be vomiting tons of MLP art or anything like that. Consider this practice or something since i'm trying to get back into the swing of coloring/dr.

Neon Nightmare Moon by ~ZantyARZ on deviantART

neon nightmare moon this one was too difficult to do to many layers neon ponies folder [link] Neon Nightmare Moon