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Best Latest Technology: Latest Pen Color Picker

It's a high tech pen. Scan the color you want to use then the pen will draw with that color! I could use for my anime drawings and have the right colors instantaneously. I really want this, drawing would be so much fun with this!

Wheelsurf Monocycle

WheelSurf - The WheelSurf is a ride right out of a science-fiction movie. This monocycle is pretty much a unicycle with an engine that also requires a lot less.

New Technology Gadgets 2013

This Spy Cam Pen will make you feel like 007 while you are wearing it! It records sound, video and even take photos. Connecting it by USB, you can easily upload the footage to your PC my friend used to have one!

generator activated by water ...really?

The generator weighs about two kilograms with an unactivated fuel cartridge. Add water, plug in a device, and the system pumps sodium borohydride solution over a catalyst, freeing hydrogen to power the cell.

Five New Technologies That Will Change Your Life In 10 Years

Possible new technology for airlines? Luxurious Air Travel + New conceptual art for the Airbus envisions a future where the planes are equipped with holograms, a sunroof and see through-walls, touch-screen TVs and self-cleaning cabins.

Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker: With this device, you can experience the new wave of Bluetooth technology. Connect to all Bluetooth capable devices to listen to your favorite music or take advantage of the built in call answering feature for use as a hands-free speakerphone. It ...Read More @ http://greateststuffonearth.com/waterproof-bluetooth-shower-speaker/

Bluetooth Shower Speaker - 4 Colors: Dotzila (not necessarily this brand, but definitely want a shower speaker!) for my brother, who is always on the phone in the shower lol