#culturalappropriation #nativeamerican >> Really wish people wouldn't disrespect other cultures like this.

vivelafat: “ sleepyassassin: “ haytham-senpai: “ ikenbot: “ cultural appropriation 101 ” Seriously guys, wearing a war bonnet without having to suffer blood, sweat and tears for it is so disrespectful to all the servicemen who have sacrificed.

Seriously. The Cherokee blood runs deep.

Seriously. The Cherokee blood runs deep.

The invasion of the caucasian race

And the term Native American includes the indigenous people from Central and South America who lived in Cali, Texas and most of Southern U.

Floyd Redcrow Westerman http://www.facebook.com/pages/Indian-Chief-Legend/505680782803314 What id the difference beetween Indian and Harley? Harel is for sell Like the legend :)

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Vikings - in fact they took Indian (Native American) brides

Who Were The Vikings?

Funny pictures about Good Guy Viking. Oh, and cool pics about Good Guy Viking. Also, Good Guy Viking.

Cherokee Indian Wes Studi film maker!  | Movies: Native film star tells of his hero’s journey, on and ...

Movies: Native film star tells of his hero& journey, on and . //Played an awesome part in this movie, great actor EL//

Unimpressed Native American -- :)

10 Funniest "Unimpressed" Memes - unimpressed meme

Unimpressed Native American -- :) completely awful, nothing like the huge native American genocide.