Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) - My kind of man--smart, funny, adorable and super nerdy!!!!!

Is This Thing On? Gallery 1988 Celebrates Comedians And Weird Al

Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) - My dream man--smart, funny, adorable, super nerdy and let's not forget ruggedly handsome!

Nathan Fillion-my very own space cowboy and gangster of love <3 I aim to misbehave

Nathan Fillion: Space Cowboy and Gangster of Love. I think a guy named Steve Miller wrote a couple songs about them.

Nathan Fillion, Books, and the Beach. *swoon* <3

Nathan Fillion Talks 'Castle,' 'Firefly' and More

Nathan Fillion, Books, and the Beach. Check out "Firefly" and "Castle" :)