21 fotos de decoración de dormitorios pequeños modernos                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

21 fotos de decoración de dormitorios pequeños modernos

e will talk about some tips on how to decorate a small bedroom. Using these informative ideas for decorating your small bedroom.

Cama doble

Bahia XL Block single bed with frieze with 4 drawers and chest by Asoral - Bobo Kids

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Overlapping loft beds and seamless integration into desk at window - perfect for a girls' room.

Dormitorios compartidos para niñas

Dormitorios compartidos para niñas

An L-shaped layout of beds anchored by a shared headboard maximizes space in this bedroom for two children. Coordinated bedding completes the look. *Love these bright simple colors! The L bed is a great idea, space and welcoming.

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Kristin Mansky of Modish & Main purchased these boxes from an office supply store, but you could easily replicate the same look with leftover jewelry boxes and decorative contact or scrapbooking paper.

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