There is no love or devotion like that of a mother for her child. <3 More beautiful family quotes on Joy of Mom - please do drop by to visit! <3

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Whimsical Boho Inspired Nursery for a Little Girl

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"...And if your tears can fill an ocean, then for you I'll be a boat."

Ma is the bright sider she always stays positive even when situations are not looking bright. Ma keeps the whole family in line and is happiest. She keeps the family from falling apart even in the darkest times.

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Absent Father Quotes to Help You Become a Better Parent

my 3 year old son see a picture of his daddy and myself and tells me daddy at home fishing 🎣 and he still working💔. all I can say it's yes baby daddy working. I don't know what I'm going to tell him when he wants answers 😔

I think this is a great quote a learning lesson to all people out there. They are discovering there world.

parents would do well to remember this. show your child the respect they deserve with tenderness and kindness. they in return will reap the life long benefits of peace within themselves.

mother and son quotes little boys | That pretty much sums up how much i love my little man H.

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