'Nobody But You' by Charles Bukowski. "Nobody can save you but yourself...Your spiritual self. Your gut self. Your magical singing self"

'Nobody But You' by Charles Bukowski. Get to know yourself absent of possessions., professions, other people. Who are you and how do you treat yourself? Is the real you enough to save yourself?

Bars of sunlight cast through rents in the walls made motes of dust glitter where they yet hung in the air...

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18 Amazing Body Hacks That Will Improve Your Life

♫♪ ♪♫♥.....La música es el corazón de la vida. Por ella habla el amor; sin ella no hay bien posible y con ella todo es hermoso. Franz Liszt

What instrument should you play?

Just as you think you know someone they stab you in the back. I'm so glad to have that toxic person out of my life finally!

“Not all toxic people are cruel and uncaring. They aren't inherently bad people, but they aren't the right people for us." ------SO TRUE. Need to remember this :)

Because families are forever

The boys and I miss you brother. We miss your laugh, your smile. he'll even your tears. Lup, I font go a single day without missing you

Love the mix of rustic & clean white cabinets

Love this kitchen! Especially the light and island. Mason Ball Jar Light and Rustic Island MY IDEAS: Extend island top around to the sink? Mason jar lights over bar?

I've not yet become

I'm on a hunt. I am on a major hunt. I am on a huge hunt that could take years or longer, or shorter. How will we ever know until the hunt is over?