modern japanese-style garden: mound of moss and round rocks

Mixture of moss and stepping stones on North side of the house; what species grow best at the beach?

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I wonder if people would think aliens had landed in my back yard? Either way, I love the look of zen in my garden. New design style…Alien-Zen Chic :) (Credit to: Credit: DK - Garden Design © 2009 Dorling Kindersley Limited Gravel and Stones).

Japanese Inspired Gardens - white gravel, raised slab walkway, grey brick edging, manicured shrubs

Japanese Inspired Gardens

Also, VERY intersting arrangement of the 3 rocks in the center. More equivalently spaced than normal, and unless youre supposed to look at it from the bottom L, also an unusual structure - 3 rocks with 1 tall narrow

Japanese gardens - off deck on north side leading to nature playground. What I…

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